What is Leo?


Leo Movement is the best volunteer organization in Sri Lanka to get the Leadership qualities and Motivations by doing annual Leadership Youth Camps and Award Ceremonies.


We always target the Youth who is at the Senior Classes in Schools or Age from 16 to 30. This is the best time period in life to collect experience to find the best path in life.


For Leos there are many opportunities in every Year like, Leadership Camps, Talent Shows, Parades and Walks to show their talents and develop them.

Theme of the YearLeo Club of Piliyandala | Fiscal Year 2019/2020

Circle in the Top

Represent the Sun, Power house and Energy source

Leo Logo beneath the Lion

Relationship between Leos and Lions

Gold Color

Positive thinking of Leos of Piliyandala

Liyawal Art

Earth and Nature

Pattern in Liyawal Art

Creativity of the Leos of Piliyandala

Club ExecutivesTop Board Members for 2018/2019

Club President

Leo Malinda Wijedoru
Imm. Past

Club President

Leo Ravindu Vishan

Club Secretary

Leo Mafaza Wahid

Club Treasurer

Leo Kisal Randula

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